For third time Xi Jinping re-elected as General Secretary of Communist Party

BEIJING: On Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping was chosen to serve a third consecutive five-year term as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, a distinction previously held by party founder Mao Zedong.

Despite having reached the formal retirement age of 68 and finishing a 10-year term, Xi, 69, was chosen to the powerful Central Committee a day earlier by a once-every-five-year Congress.

China’s politics and administration have seen a significant shakeup as a result of a number of top figures, including the number two leader Premier Li Keqiang, either retiring or failing to become a member of the Central Committee.

Xi and the newly elected Standing Committee made an appearance before the media here on Sunday shortly after their elections.

The 20th Congress’s brief closing statements on Saturday were delivered by Xi, who noted that the revised Constitution lays out precise guidelines for preserving and bolstering the party’s overall leadership.

“Dare to work hard, dare to struggle, and dare to win. Be adamant about moving forward, “said he.

High gusts, rough seas, and even dangerous storms must not deter us, he urged.

“faced with significant changes in the global environment, particularly external attempts to extort, contain, and blockade. We prioritised our country’s interests over yours, China “He reportedly made this statement in reference to the growing hostility toward China in the West and the US.

On Sunday, the Central Committee members chose a 25-member Political Bureau, which chose the members of the Standing Committee to lead the nation.

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