Google manager from Bengaluru was given drugs and forcedly married off in Bhopal

In a shocking incident, a man employed as a manager in Google’s Bengaluru office was married against his will in Bhopal. The victim has been identified as Ganesh Shankar.

File Photo- Bhopal

Shankar lives in Bengaluru and is a senior manager with the US-based company.

In his complaint, he wrote that he had come in contact with a girl called Sujata when he was studying at IIM Shillong.

The girl called him to Bhopal and was administered intoxicants and later married off to Sujata.

He also told the police that the woman’s family members clicked some photos of him with Sujata and are now demanding Rs 40 lakh.

The police have registered a case against Sujata’s family members, namely Kamlesh Singh, Shaivesh Singh and Vijendra Kumar.

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