Google’s Ultimatum: Salary will be deducted for employees who do not get vaccinated, may also have to lose their job

In view of the growing case of Omicron, Google has given an ultimatum to its employees. The company has said that the employees who have not yet got the vaccine, they should get it done immediately, otherwise their salary can be deducted. Even job can be lost.


Google had given employees until December 3 to submit documents related to their vaccination status and medical or religious exemptions. Now the company has extended the deadline for employees to get the vaccine to January 18.

Upload the vaccination status before December 3

Google has said that if any employee does not upload his vaccination certificate before December 3, then it will start contacting them. After this, they will be given time to get the vaccine till January 18. Even after this, if an employee does not get the vaccine, then he will be placed on paid administrative leave for 30 days. After this, he will be kept on unpaid personal leave for 6 months. Even after this, if the vaccine is not administered, the tenure of that employee will be terminated. That means he will be fired.

Despite having enough vaccine, more deaths occurred in America

The death toll in America from Corona exceeded 8 lakh on Tuesday. Between the last spring (March to May) in the country, there were 2 lakh deaths despite the availability of sufficient vaccine, which is the highest number of deaths compared to other countries. America’s population is about 4% of the world’s population.


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