India may stop exporting sugar after wheat, find out which countries will be affected

Bureau: India has the highest sugar production in the world. India ranks second in the world in terms of sugar supply. Brazil exports a small amount of sugar to India from all over the world.

In view of this, rising sugar prices could put a strain on sugar exports abroad. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. According to the Reuters news agency, the government may suspend sugar exports to curb rising sugar prices in the country.

Last week, the government decided to suspend wheat exports in view of domestic demand. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the government has another option. The government wants to limit sugar exports to 10 million tonnes this year.

Indonesia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the UAE, Malaysia and Africa are among the top buyers of sugar from India. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka account for 70 per cent of the country’s total sugar production.

Needless to say, Russia and Ukraine are in a state of global wheat crisis. Ukraine and Russia are the world’s largest exporters of wheat. However, due to the war, wheat prices have now risen by more than 70 percent.

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