Pallavi Joshi: ‘When little girl jolted me’

On Monday, the cast of The Kashmir Files was in the national capital, reminiscing about their experiences working on the film.

Pallavi Joshi portrays a major antagonist in the film. Lecturer Radhika Menon, a JNU professor who inspires her students to fight for ‘Azad Kashmir,’ is played by her.

She mentioned that one particular incidence shook her during the period the team spent in Kashmir filming the films.

“One day, a young 4-5-year-old girl approached me and, after exchanging pleasantries, asked when I was going to Namaz. Because I am a Hindu, I stated that I do not perform Namaz. The girl said something that completely surprised me. So, she advised me, you should practise Namaz since it is necessary…

“I was taken aback since the tiny child had no idea that there are other faiths.” Take a look at the level of radicalization that is occurring there. This is really hazardous.”

Pallavi stated that she took a negative part in the film in order to expose the lies and aid in the revelation of the truth.

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