Solution for credit card application rejection

Bank rejected my Credit card application should I re-apply or should I wait or apply again and again until the bank accepts? Never do that this will not help but harm.

Whenever you apply for a credit-related product or service then a credit inquiry is generated on your account. If within a short period of time, multiple credit inquiry generated then the CIBIL score will gradually down. In fact when your credit application is rejected, then take it as a warning signal. Maybe there is something missing like your credit score is already down or recently you defaulted any payment. First try to identify the reason. 

Sometimes your luck does not favor and the bank rejects your application without any reason. But now the application is rejected. So how long should i wait? The ideal recommendation would be at least 3 months. Banks generally recommend this much time for re-application for a credit card. Experian which is also a credit inquiry site like CIBIL recommends 6 months on its website.


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