earn as a Content creator

Sources to earn money as a CONTENT creator

1. Adsense

This is the first step to earn money from your content.

2. Brand deals

After getting some subscribers or viewers brand will approach you to advertise their product. You can also earn by that way.

3. Affiliate Marketing

When you refer any particular product or services you will get a fixed percentage of commission on that. that is called affiliate marketing.

4. Refer n Earn

This concept is for limited times. If a new product launches then they will offer to advertise their product.

5. paid consultancy

experienced creators help other creators to grow their website or blogs by charging some amount.

6. E-Book

You can also launch a e-book as per your experience on the niche and earn by selling it.

7. merchandise

If you follow someone emotionally  then you can use their product or merchandise like their the T-Shirt, caps and badges.